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Related article: named blah-blah, but the copy was put in bold the current hooker. Vic and Roger I wanted to read not screw Diazepam Cheap Barass Ave around, but not on the situation, people who sell Voit. It's a shame, Vic liked to say a few drinks. fins could have sold more. Then there was Sharp. Sharp Company of Cleveland had been in the twelfth Great American Bakestakes old man when he reluctantly Sharp Ellison Agency in New York after more than twenty years with an advertising agency hometown. Sharp left is greater than before Nabisco World War II, the old is quick to note. His son was also like to point out that the Second World War was over thirty years. 's account - on a six- month trial at first - was given to Vic Trenton and Roger Breakstone. At the end of the trial period, Sharp had jumped n the twelfth in the cookies - cakes and corn markets into the Diazepam Cheap Barass Ave ninth inning. A year later, if Vic and Roger movedStakes and moved to Maine to open their own business, the company Sharp had climbed to seventh. His campaign has been a radical. Sharp Cookies, Vic and Roger had cookie developed the Sharpshooter, a peace officer whose clumsy Western of six guns fired crackers instead of balls, courtesy of special effects People - Chock Picks in some places, more agile ginger others, oatmeal Oh in others. The commercials always ended with the stop Sharpshooter unfortunately, in a batch of cookies with their weapons. "Well, ot the bad guys " ran away, he had to say to Diazepam Cheap Barass Ave millions of Americans every day or so, but I have cookies.... Best cookies in the West or in any other, I guess. "N Sharpshooter bites into a cookie. His expression suggests that n is the gastronomic equivalent of a boy experienced the first orgasm. Lightheadedness. For the cake ready - sixteen varieties of pounds a crumb of cheese - that was what Vic callsGeorge and Gracie site. we hide of George and Gracie, leaving an elegant dinner at the buffet moan all kinds of goodies. We are in a dingy little cold water dissolve flat, flashing lights. George is a simple kitchen table with a n checked tablecloth. Gracie has a Pound Cake Sharp ( or Cheesecake Crumb o cake ) from your old refrigerator and place it on the table. that are both still in their night clothes. They smile eyes warmth and love and understanding, two people who are totally in synch with others. Fade, these words in black : sometimes all you have only a SHARP cake. not a word in the whole place. That one won a Clio had spoken. not " welcomed in the trade as " Professor Sharp cereal more responsible advertising to children's programs ever produced. "Vic and Roger had considered his crowning... but now it was the Sharp Cereal Professor Essor, who had turned against him. N played by character actor in midlife, was Professor Sharp grain a low profile and courage animated adult screen in a sea Diazepam Cheap Barass Ave of ​​ads for children vid sale of chewing gum , adventure, dolls, action figures... and rival grains. The ad appears in a classroom only fourth or fifth grade, a scene from Saturday morning viewers ofThe bugs Bunny / Road Runner hours, and Drac package could easily identify. The Sharp Cereal Professor wore a suit, a s V -neck sweater and a shirt with open collar. Both in appearance and speech that was a bit authoritarian, Vic and Roger had discussed forty teachers n and half a dozen child psychiatrist and had discovered that this was the type the model of parents, most children feel more comfortable, , and how very few actually have in their homes. Cereal Professor was sitting in the teacher's desk, where some informality- N The soul of a true friend in any place under gray-green that hides Tweed, the young audience would assume - but spoke slowly and seriously. It has command. Speak no evil. No convincing. He did not speak or praise. He went to the millions of T- shirts, cereal - sip, cartoons, watching
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